Mark Kidd, Commercial Manager, High Street Residential

Mark Kidd

Commercial Manager

Mark has an excellent track record in commercial control and the management of construction projects, having previously worked for Rok Plc, Wates, Thermabuild and All Saints Construction. He has held numerous senior roles and has had responsibility for the financial control and contract management of many large schemes across the UK.

With a Part 1 & 2 Professional Evaluation Development from The Chartered Institute of Building Examinations, Mark joined The High Street Group to lead the operations of All Saints Construction for a number of years, including the conception and delivery of many key projects for the company.

He then moved to be a commercial manager for the Group at large in order to support the delivery of larger projects such as Hadrian’s Tower and Middlewood Plaza.

His role can encompass anything from preparing specifications upon request, assisting in establishing clients’ requirements, undertaking feasibility studies, risk and value assessment, cost control, procurement strategy, and health and safety. 

Mark’s extensive experience in commercial management is a key component to our cost-effective construction, and ensures that all developments under his control are delivered on time and within budget for High Street Residential.