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6 best places to invest in the North

The northern powerhouse of buy-to-let

In the past several years, the rising cost of living and housing prices have made areas further south – especially London – increasingly unaffordable for those looking to rent. As such, many have flocked to the capital’s satellite cities, resulting in housing prices in Bath, Brighton, et al. increasingly dramatically, lowering rental yields overall.

So if not London or its nearby cities, where should buy-to-let investors seek to put their money? 

Managing Director of Sequre Property Investment, Graham Davidson spoke to the issue, stating that:

“The north offers more to investors looking for a well-rounded property investment – one that can provide good rental yields and the potential for capital growth. Despite a continuing growth in house prices, northern cities still remain largely affordable, which is the key balance in today’s property investment market.”

In the blog, he also stated that “[t]owns such as Hull and Birkenhead are ideal for investors looking to get onto the buy-to-let ladder as they’re relatively low risk and offer high returns over a long period, giving them a great advantage and their first step to begin building a portfolio.”

With that being said, what are our recommendations for the highest potential yields when investing in buy-to-let by city?

Where to invest in the north

Newcastle Gateshead Millennium Bridge


One of our personal favourite cities, Newcastle has a thriving economy and what Property Investments UK describes as fantastic buy-to-let investing opportunities “offering great yields and with a huge amount of potential for growth.”

Newcastle is home to a staggering amount of new developments, not least this £40 million investment into creating 162 new apartments in the beautiful and historic Hadrian’s Tower, it is most certainly a city on the rise.

With an increasing population, increased investment naturally follows and the value change in yields for investors paints a very positive picture. Overall, Newcastle should definitely be considered a hot-spot for potential buy-to-let investment.


With an average house price of ~£150,000 Manchester currently boasts some of the highest rental yields in the UK, nearly double what is on offer in the nation’s capital. 

This is not surprising, considering it is known as the fastest growing city in the UK, aside from London of course. This city is one to watch for investors interested in lower-cost investments that lead to comparatively high yields.


Birmingham is a huge city with an even larger £90 billion economy to boot. The city itself has recently redoubled investments into its infrastructure, with improved links to major cities being developed. The HS2, for example, is predicted to cut journeys to London to under 50 minutes.

With the above considered, it is predicted that properties in Birmingham will see an increased demand in the coming years; and the overall shortage of rental accommodation can only be good for investors.

Looking to invest in buy-to-let but not sure where to get started?

Hadrian’s Tower is a great place to get started, contact High Street Residential on 0191 211 4120 or email for more information